Engaging the World

Dr. Regan F. Patterson

In this episode we connect with Dr. Regan Patterson, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles. We discuss the intersection between transportation equity, health equity, and environmental justice. Focusing on the challenges we...

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Addison Rose Vincent

In this episode we connect with activist and advocate for the trans and nonbinary community, Addison Rose Vincent. We explore Addison’s journey and their experience with understanding their own gender identity. They share how important language is to identifying and...

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Christine Fugate

In this episode we connect with Christine Fugate, producer and director of the documentary film Queen Moorea which follows Moorea Howson as she balances between special needs and “normal” teenager. The film explores what “normal” means spending six years with...

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Cedric Tai

In this episode we connect with artist, Cedric Tai to discuss his show @fakingprofessionalism at Chapman University's Guggenheim Gallery in the fall of 2023. Tai's art explores his neurodivergent experience, and shares how his mind works with and without medication...

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Leslie A. Schwalm

In this episode we connect with historian, Leslie A. Schwalm to discuss her book Medicine, Science & Making Race in Civil War America. We discuss the history of the Sanitary Commission and their work supporting the war effort for the...

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Linda Villarosa

In this episode we connect with Linda Villarosa, journalist and author of the book Under the Skin, exploring how racism effects the health and the quality of care of Black Americans in the US. Whether it is outdated medical myths about the...

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