Environmental Justice

Leah Thomas

Leah Thomas is an eco-communicator, aka an environmentalist with a love for writing + creativity, based in Ventura, CA. She’s passionate about advocating for and exploring the relationship between social justice and environmentalism. You could say she’s tryna make the...

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Dr. William M. Tsutsui

Dr. William M. Tsutsui is an award-winning historian and teacher, frequent public speaker and media commentator, and a seasoned academic administrator with a record of innovation.  Born in New York City and raised in Texas, he holds degrees from Harvard...

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Dr. Jason A. Douglas

Dr. Jason A. Douglas is an assistant professor of public health in the Department of Health Sciences within Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences. Leveraging community-based participatory research frameworks, Douglas works with community-based organizations and residents in underserved Black...

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Dr. Richelle Tanner

Dr. Richelle Tanner is an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Science and Policy Program, jointly appointed to the Schmid and Wilkinson Colleges. She is broadly interested in how climate change affects both ecological and human communities, and our mechanisms of...

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Karen Hampton

Karen Hampton: "As an artist of color, I have made a life long commitment to creating artwork that responds to the lives of my ancestors.  My lens is anthropology and I study my own genealogy. I travel in my ancestors...

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Dr. Robert D. Bullard

Episode Books Guest Credits Transcription Episode In this episode we connect with Dr. Robert Bullard to discuss the history of the Environmental Justice movement and his role in pushing it forward. The conversation also explores how Covid has become an...

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