Sounds + Stories

Rocky Kuner

Rocky Kuner is a 20 year old singer songwriter from Orange County. She graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana and studied Commercial Music and Music & Theater. She plays mulitiple instruments including guitar, dulcimer,...

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Bright Is My Sun

Driven by their love of music Bright Is My Sunformed a group that would be inspirational and positive. As a collective, they have many different influences and use their experience and tastes as a tool for success in making music....

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Dréa and Robert L. Smith

Dréa is a singer, songwriter, classical pianist, poet and spoken word artist. Her songs tell the story of a life lived thus far, encompassing a wide range of emotion and conviction. Robert is an Oscar & Grammy winning, Emmy nominated...

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Krista Marina

Krista Marina is an alternative pop singer/songwriter whose music displays jazz, blues, and sometimes folk, influences. Her interest in songwriting sparked from the various music genres she explored growing up. Although artists like Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys and Hozier inspire...

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Apollo Bebop

Apollo Bebop, named after the Greek God of music and the intricately harmonic style of jazz, is a West Coast based band that formed in the summer of 2015 in Santa Ana, California. From the start, the group has aimed...

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James Spaite and JR Bishop

James Spaite has been performing internationally since the age of 18 having toured in Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Hungary, and the US. While majoring in Psychology in college and working full time, Spaite would tour during the summers and play...

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