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Eric Morago, Daniel McGinn, Alexis Rhone Fancher, and Peggy Dobreer with Mike Gravagno

A very special all Moon Tide Press edition of  Writers’ Block Live with Eric Morago, Daniel McGinn, Alexis Rhone Fancher, and Peggy Dobreer.Friend of YourPopFilter and two-time Writers’ Block guest Eric Morago is the publisher at Moon Tide Press, and in the...

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Namrata Poddar

Namrata Poddar writes fiction, non-fiction, occasionally translates Francophone writers of Afro-Asian diaspora into English and serves as Interviews Editor for Kweli where she curates a series on Race, Power, and Storytelling.For over a decade, her work has explored the intersection...

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Mathieu Cailler, Michelle Brittan Rosado, and Steven Sanchez with Michael Gravagno

To celebrate the launch of Steven Sanchez’s first full-length poetry book, PhantomTongue, Mike sits down with Steven, Michelle Brittan Rosado, and Mathieu Cailler to talk about the process of putting a book together, how one manages to keep making love poems interesting,...

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Steve Martinez

Los Angeles native Steve Martinez is a fine artist, muralist, photographer, graphic designer, and painted a 20’ x 8’ mural in the 1888 Center.His contemporary work deals with the discourse between the symbolic and the realistic within daily urban life. The...

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Trevor K Allred, Liz Harmer, and Shauna Barbosa with Michael Gravagno

Mike sits down with novelist Liz Harmer, poet and community organizer Trevor K Allred, and a poet Shauna Barbosa to hear the work from their individual projects and discuss the power of audience, politics, the meaning of portals, the meaning...

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Sarah Nicole Smetana

Sarah Nicole Smetana grew up in Orange, California, where she wrote songs, played in a few bands, and successfully pilfered all of her parents’ best vinyl records. She received her BFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University and her MFA...

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